10 Different Types of Bangs

I guess the PC term for bangs is “fringe” so I am sorry if I offended anyone! I am just used to calling them “bangs”! (:

Anyways, here is a quick breakdown of 10 different types of bangs!

1. Side-swept bangs.

Reese Witherspoon- With Sideswept Bangs

These type of bangs generally should look soft and flattering to the face.  They are very popular right now!

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About Hollee Wood

Hollee Wood is a retired hair stylist with 9 years of professional experience in the hair industry. She also has degrees in Graphic Communications, Computer Science and General Business and works for the State of Nevada.

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  1. i think the side swept bangs are my favourite.


  2. Reblogged this on Snapshot and commented:
    I think wispy bangs are what I want!


  3. Ashley Apocalypse

    the scene bangs are fringe bangs c: I have them :D


  4. what kind of bangs would you say chloe rose has the actress who plays katie matlin on degrassi?


  5. thank you for this amazing blog!!!! love from dxb



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