The Difference Between an A-Line, Graduated Bob, Inverted Bob, and Asymmetrical Bob

Bob Haircut

In this article, I am going to teach you the difference between an A-line, graduated bob, inverted bob and asymmetrical bob, along with a typical bob and a layered bob!

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About Hollee Wood

Hollee Wood is a retired hair stylist with 9 years of professional experience in the hair industry. She also has degrees in Graphic Communications, Computer Science and General Business and works for the State of Nevada.

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  1. However, for those that can, short hair is stunning.
    A large decorative clip, a flower, or other hair accessory can then be
    added. Its all natural, we ccan use makeup like eyeliner and mascara only tto enhance our
    natural beauty but for the most part nafural beautty
    is all about using what God gave us.


  2. Would a layered Bob look right on someone with slightly curly/wavy hair? My hair is dry and so I put oil in it to help with the frizz. But soon I’ll be having surgery and will be layed up for two months and would like something that won’t be too difficult to handle.


  3. Nobody knows what i mean either! They all waot to cut it too short on top and bangs too short, and endr up like an old women’s cut.


    • I have the same problem! I recently moved and have had three awful hair cuts in a row. None of them know how to do any type of bob cut, apparently. But they SAY they do. Don’t they teach that in beauty school???


  4. Thank you for explaining this so well. I have always known what I wanted and have tried to explain it to the gal who cuts my hair and it comes out wrong. So now I am trying to grow my hair out again and know exactly what to ask for next time!


  5. Thankyou so much for the information. Last time I told my hairdresser for A-bob(angled bob) .he just messed up and ended up giving me assymetrical are right, it does looks ugly.this time I am going to make him read this article 👏


  6. Why is the inverted bob referred to as inverted? It doesn’t all go forward, so why called Inverted?


  7. Sorry to say there are hairdressers out there that do not know the difference between a stack, graduation and the original A line. You did a great job of describing the difference.


  8. what is the name of the haircut with with short hair on one side and long hair on the other side?


  9. What’s a filled Bob then?


  10. Thank you so much, i love this hair style and I’ve had it before but last time this chick had no idea what i wanted. I explained long in front, stacked in the back. I ended up with the stack in the back and butched in the front, shorter than chin length, so i have not had my hair cut since but now that I have this info I am going for it again! Thanks again.


  11. what is the name of the shorter haircut where it is shaped into a “V” at back and goes into a point at sides?


  12. What’s difference between layered and stacked?


    • That is a really good question! Stacked basically means layered but they are really short layers that are shaped with the haircut so they “stack up” higher. The more stacked the layers are, the higher up they will go.


  13. Thank you SO Much!!! for explaining this so clearly … my hair stylists were running circles around me and now (with your clear explanation), I know what to tell them to do/and what not to do! Thank you!!!


  14. Thank you! On my way to the salon. It helps to know the exact names of the style you want. Thanks again :)


  15. thecreativebent

    This is a great article. Simple and quick to understand !! Good work :)

    Swati @ The Creative Bent


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