DMDM Hydantion molecule

Most of the cheap drug store shampoos like Suave, Got2B, v05, Finesse, Dove, TRESemme, etc. usually contain a chemical called “DMDM Hydantoin”.  Well actually, a lot of professional grade shampoos have it too.  What is it, you ask?

Wikipedia says “DMDM Hydantoin is an antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser preservative with the trade name Glydant. DMDM hydantoin is an organic compound belonging to a class of compounds known as hydantoins. It is used in the cosmetics industry and found in products like shampoos, hair conditioners, hair gels and skin care products.

DMDM hydantoin works as a preservative because the released formaldehyde makes the environment less favorable to the microorganisms.

According to, “concern that this preservative releases formaldehyde into a product and may therefore cause consumer exposure to a recognized carcinogen.”

Formaldehyde is a carcinogen (cancer-causing substance). They put it in shampoo because it kills other fungus and bacteria. Ewww.

If you have any bad experiences with products containing DMDM Hydantoin or any other horrible ingredients, please let me know in the comments.